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Nobuta wo Produce

Watched Nobuta wo Produce on the recommendations of friend.

Quite a good show actually. Considering it won 6 awards at the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards.

Basically its a show about the friendship between a girl who is always bullied, and 2 guys who came together with the aim to make her popular.

Touching stuff. Up to now I have no idea why ppl tell me “quite funny”, when I ask them how’s the show. *frowns* But I did enjoy watching it. 3 days for 10 episodes. haha.

Main actress is Horikita Maki. 20 yrs old. (17 at the time of the video). I thought she did extremely well, and was the main reason why I continued watching after 2 episodes. She protrayed being ugly and unpopular very well, yet all the time gave off an aura of being pretty. Ugly duckling turned swan. And I just kept wanting to see the end-product.


 I take back what I said about Yamashita Tomohisa being a boring actor. He played the role of an idiot very well. Maybe that’s what he excels in.


Lessons Learnt

-Loneliness is a very scary thing

-Everybody wants to be remembered

-Lots of people are acting in life. Including myself

-Having nobody believe you is an even scarier thing

Heartwarming show, yet having appropriate and exciting plot twists along the way. Something I can recommend.



Impressions Natsu Matsuri 2008

So, went over to the Natsu Matsuri 2008 event  with the NUS Japanese Studies Society over at the Japanese School in Changi. It was my first time and while there was a downpour in the morning, it did little to dampen the mood, albeit I could do without it.


Spot Tedfox!

There isn’t much to talk about, other than the fact that the number of yukata wearing patrons were vastly outnumbered by civilians”. The event itself was held over a few areas. The left and right wings were where the stalls and game booths were held, while the performances, originally supposed to be held over in the field was moved over to the hall due to the rain.
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Summer Festival 2008 @ The Japanese School (Singapore)

Natsumatsuri [夏祭り]!

Don’t forget! Summer Festival will be on this saturday!

Date: 23rd August (Saturday) (The event will NOT be cancelled even in wet weather)
Time: 18:00~
Venue: Japanese Primary School (Changi)

This year, only admission tickets ($2) are available for sales. (Free for pre-school age children). Available for purchase on the day of the event.
Payment for food, drinks, games and yukata rental etc are in cash.

Free shuttle bus from Singapore Expo!!

See you there!!


Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise Char Fest 2008

The annual Char Fest organised by KKnM will be held on the 23rd August over at…. KKnM of course duh.

It will open an hour earlier for KknM members at 11am while us mortals will have to wait till 12 pm. You can check out the loot offered this year over here.


Crackdown on Anime Piracy The Sequel

For lack of a better title

While it wasn’t Odex this time, they have become synonymous with anime piracy, so they get the blame.
Nope, this time it was Showgate inc.

A quick check on Animenewsnetwork came up with this
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War has Changed…Sackboy Edition

Konami has announced a special edition MGS4 edition featuring Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet! Fans rejoice!

Nah found this on kotaku posted by Chocograph on AU gamespot. Another indication of the immense potention user generated content can have on games.

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OMG FF13 on Xbox

OMG let me just go into rabid fanboy mode here. ff13 is gonna be released on the xbox 360. Needless to say i am completely devastated by this piece of this. I was always a strong believer that ff13 should remain on the ps3. apparently, square enix thinks otherwise. I bet the japanese didn’t see this one coming. it is an outrage, and curse square for letting the financial clout of microsoft get to them.
I am very very disappointed and i hope sony has something to show for to counter this tomorrow.

Edit: kotaku has a live blog going on now with regards to this