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November 30, 2008


Nobuta wo Produce

Watched Nobuta wo Produce on the recommendations of friend.

Quite a good show actually. Considering it won 6 awards at the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards.

Basically its a show about the friendship between a girl who is always bullied, and 2 guys who came together with the aim to make her popular.

Touching stuff. Up to now I have no idea why ppl tell me “quite funny”, when I ask them how’s the show. *frowns* But I did enjoy watching it. 3 days for 10 episodes. haha.

Main actress is Horikita Maki. 20 yrs old. (17 at the time of the video). I thought she did extremely well, and was the main reason why I continued watching after 2 episodes. She protrayed being ugly and unpopular very well, yet all the time gave off an aura of being pretty. Ugly duckling turned swan. And I just kept wanting to see the end-product.


 I take back what I said about Yamashita Tomohisa being a boring actor. He played the role of an idiot very well. Maybe that’s what he excels in.


Lessons Learnt

-Loneliness is a very scary thing

-Everybody wants to be remembered

-Lots of people are acting in life. Including myself

-Having nobody believe you is an even scarier thing

Heartwarming show, yet having appropriate and exciting plot twists along the way. Something I can recommend.


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  1. Nov 30 2008

    ahh this is a great show. that reminds me, all the Jdrama dvd piling up

  2. Nov 30 2008

    not really into jap dramas but just curious, does j-dramas has fansubs as well?

  3. Jan 27 2009

    Haha, its impossible for me to imagine Horikita Maki as been ugly ! She’s so popular in Japan right now.

  4. Beth
    Jun 20 2009

    Personally found this quite boring and forgettable. A bit overrated imo.

  5. Sorao
    Nov 20 2010

    I LOVED WATCHING IT! Will never forget this drama!! It has a BIG impact on me in many ways. I missed watching Yamapi acting as a cheerful, bubbly, innocent, young, naive & adorably dumb character. I started being a huge fan of him because of this drama!! (And ofcourse, found out bout the rest of the J-Pop bands esp from Johnnys Entertainment e.g. KAT-TUN, NEWS & Arashi) But recently he has matured so he’s been doing alot of boring characters in dramas. Used to love the Yamapi & Maki pairing too ^_^ Oh ya, wont forget Kamenashi & how skinny he was back then, & how amazingly toned up he is now =P


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