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March 29, 2007


Change Thumbnail creation size wordpress plugin

If you keep an anime blog, or upload lots of images in wordpress, you’ll realise that the thumbnails automaticall created by wordpress is horribly small (size of 128)

oOga had earlier pointed out how to hardcode changes to how large you want your thumbnail size to be. This inspired me to make changes, which I did. But I didn’t want the change to be hardcoded, since i update wordpress very frequently. Thus I went and wrote a plugin for it.

How to use

Upload and active the plugin.

Then locate in your wordpress menu…

Options –> Thumbnails.

There you’ll see an option to enter what pixel size you want your thumbnails to be created in.


Things to be done next time

I wrote this up in a few minutes, but it should be useful to a few people. My friend asked for it as well. But since it was done quickly, there are no whistle and bells. I’m open to request for anything you want added on though.

I would love to allow the option of changing the thumbnail size at the post page every time you post, but that will wait until I figure out how.

Download plugin
Any questions, feedback, requests… just leave a comment.

tested on wordpress 2.1, but should work on all wordpress 2.0.x 2.08 (and above), 2.1.x and 2.2.x versions.

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  1. Mar 29 2007

    I am glad that inspired you to make this plugin. You should upload this plugin to some database website (if there is ever one). I am sure many people will benefit from this good deed of yours ;D

    cheers and happy blogging

  2. Mar 30 2007

    woah power~ I can’t even code my CSS properly.

    So nice of you to share with others.

  3. Mar 31 2007

    Wow, this is cool.

  4. Mike
    Apr 11 2007

    The download link doesn’t work

  5. tedfox
    Apr 11 2007

    Thanks for informing. Somehow upgrading wordpress broke the link. I updated it already

  6. steve
    Apr 16 2007

    It appears that this doesn’t work in my wp 2.0.4 installation. But then again, I may have hard coded another thumbnail size limit in the past. I have some vague recollection of that…

  7. tedfox
    Apr 16 2007

    Oops, the filters required for this plugin (and functionality) was coded into wordpress only on 2.08 or 2.1 and higher. I edited the entry to reflect that

  8. May 10 2007

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s just what I’m after.

    I’d love to see it enhanced further though. Ca you make it so I can set more than one ‘default’ thumbnail sizes in admin? And then my authors can choose which thumbnail size best suits their article from the choices I’ve given them, when they upload their image.

  9. Jul 15 2007


    Thanks for the great plug-in.

    However, I realised non-admin continue to see the options page. Perhaps you might want to replace the code:

    add_options_page(‘Thumbnails’, ‘Thumbnails’, 0, basename(__FILE__), ‘tf_optionspanel’);

    under function tf_options() with:

    add_options_page(‘Thumbnails’, ‘Thumbnails’, 8, basename(__FILE__), ‘tf_optionspanel’);

    Thanks again.

  10. Aug 21 2007

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  11. Dec 17 2007

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  12. Dec 19 2007

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  13. Dec 27 2007

    Is there a way to modify this so I can set the height and width?

  14. Jan 4 2008

    is there a way to change the height and width for the thumbnails?

  15. Jan 20 2008


  16. Jan 23 2008

    Thanks for the great work :)

    Do you have any idea that how can I access the thumbnail image? not by selecting thumbs in content editor, I need a way to detect thumbnail in templates :)

    Is there any way?

    Thanks :)

  17. Nov 18 2008

    Thanks :))

  18. Nov 21 2008

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