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Spiderman @ NUS

back from a hiatus to post this short video clip on Spiderman making an appearance over at the Central Library study area on the 23rd April at 0130am in the morning!

kudos to the guy for breaking what would otherwise be a stressful routine ^^

for the uninitated, nus is conducting its biannual “killing spree” exams and i am currently buried under piles of notes and rubbish as i type this sighhhh


EF – A tale of melodies – Ep 03

I actually got a headache watching the first half of the episodes. Too much visual effects, too little story. Having close-up of special scenes might be interesting, but do it too quicly and frequently, and your viewer gets a headache instead.


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Nendoroid Suzumiya Haruhi

I’ve collected quite a big of nendoroids over the ages. In fact, I’ve toned down my purchases of 1/8 figurines drastically in favor of nendoroids. So I thought I start taking photos of them and posting them up.  So let’s start off with one of my firsts. Suzumiya Haruhi.

Nendoroid Suzumiya Haruhi

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Start Of Year Again 09

Arrived at Start Of Year Again 09 only at 4pm, thanks to work related stuff. So missed most things, and only caught the group cosplay competition. But I saw enough to make me want to go back next year again!


That’s the LT 26 where the competition was held.

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EF – a tale of melodies – Ep 02

Nothing special in episode 2. The questions asked in episode 1 are answered, with the Main characters in both story lines confessing their love.


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EF – A tale of melodies – Ep 01

It’s been a year since I watched A tale of Memories. An entire year to be exact. I’ve been waiting quite abit to catch a tale of melodies, the second season. I’ve quite forgotten what the first season was about, but I do recall it having a lasting impression.


A tale of Memories impressed me with their graphic and presentation style. It was very varied. The story line doesn’t drag you in, keeping you as a viewer, but it does present something very colourful to view. I also thought that the topics of loneliness and significance was dwelled on very well. I’m hoping that the sequel achieves the same.

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Retro End Of Year 2008

The annual End of Year cosplay event organised by the Shiro Tsubasa Animation Club was held at its now usual place at the Singapore Expo. The theme for this year was pretty unique, with the club choosing to adopt a retro theme. Hence the name Retro EOY. On a sidenote,  this was my fifth consecutive year at this event and boy am i beginning to feel old…

I forgot to wipe my lenses ’nuff said

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